A Selection of Projects

Calibrating Public Accountability

This project, led by dr. Thomas Schillemans, aims to study and improve the effects of public accountability arrangements.

Targets for Honesty ​

Universities across the world experienced a number of serious cases of academic misconduct. In the public and academic debates, one dominant explanation exists for the fraudulent behavior by university staff, Academic misconduct is considered to be the logical, behavioral consequence of output-oriented management practices, based on performance incentives. This study puts this explanation to the test. 

Public Governance of Cultural Organizations

The arts are a fascinating policy sector. In the coming years, I plan to study the following question: what are the effects of new public management developments on the public governance of museums?

Great Expectations of
Autonomous Agencies

For my PhD dissertation, I studied the effects of the delegation of public tasks to autonomous agencies. This study compares agencies and sectors across various European countries to evaluate four major expectations.